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Submitted on
December 25, 2012


14 (who?)
Today's the day everyone's been waiting for! :happybounce:

Before I do anything else, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in EmoteSecretSanta this year. We've had over 40 participants, and without you guys, this project wouldn't be here. So thank you all. :hug:

Now onto the presents! :la:
BlissfullySarcastic's half of the participants will be listed at the top, and my half of the participants will be listed at the bottom so it's easier to find your gifts. Since there were two small gifts, two people will receive an additional gift, keep your eyes peeled.

We have asked each of you to upload your presents to your gallery, but until then, we will use <img> codes instead of :thumb:s. Please note the group or comment on this journal once you have uploaded your present to your gallery, and we'll change it ASAP!

Everybody ready? :eager:

BlissfullySarcastic's Half

To: NerdyGeekyDweeb

From: DawnDancer11

To: NerdyGeekyDweeb

From: Kyramy

ESS - NerdyGeekyDweeb by Kyramy

To: EternalxRequiem

From: Synfull

ESS: Zoe and the Beanstalk by Synfull

To: SleepingInTheShadows

From: Cmotes

Emote Secret Santa Gift by Cmotes

To: MyaMyaChan

From: SleepingInTheShadows

To: otohime0394

From: Wooded-Wolf

Emote Secret Santa Gift by Wooded-Wolf

To: DawnDancer11

From: happy-gurl

ESS by happy-gurl

To: Mirz123

From: J-Cartoons

To: vveste

From: MyaMyaChan otohime0394

Vveste by otohime0394

To: MafiaVamp

From: IceXDragon

They Got Me! by IceXDragon

To: happy-gurl

From: iDJPanda

A Lovable World by iDJPanda

To: Phlum

From: vveste

To: Toxic-Fox-Girl

From: otohime0394

Toxic-Fox-Girl by otohime0394

To: J-Cartoons

From: Phlum

To: IceXDragon

From: NerdyGeekyDweeb

To: Sylvaur

From: Toxic-Fox-Girl

Sylvaur's Secret Santa gift by Toxic-Fox-Girl

To: iDJPanda

From: Sylvaur

Snowman emote by Sylvaur

To: iAmoret

From: Mirz123

To: Cmotes

From: iAmoret

ESS- Cmotes- Snowman by iAmoret

To: Wooded-Wolf

From: EternalxRequiem

Wolfwood Saves Christmas by EternalxRequiem

To: Synfull

From: MafiaVamp

ESS 2012 - Something small... by MafiaVamp ESS 2012 - Something square... by MafiaVamp ESS 2012 - Something bright... by MafiaVamp

Synfull's Half

To: HyperCanaryFairy

From: BlissfullySarcastic

Present for HyperCanaryFairy by BlissfullySarcastic

To: SparklyDest

From: Kyramy

ESS - SparklyDest by Kyramy ESS - SparklyDest Icon by Kyramy

To: 8-bitCoffee

From: icefire8521

Coffee Ride by icefire8521

To: Shadowhedge1001

From: a-kid-at-heart

Emote Secret Santa - Kit plays with Ornament by a-kid-at-heart

To: spring-sky

From: Snowshi

ESS 2012 by Snowshi

To: 21stUser

From: CubicInsanity

ESS - 21stUser by CubicInsanity

To: Class-b-dragon

From: Shadowhedge1001

To: Kyramy

From: spring-sky

Kyramy Icon by spring-sky

To: litecrush

From: Infinite-Carousel

ESS: LiteCrush by Infinite-Carousel

To: Bladethesnivy

From: Kohaku0827

Serperior Emote by Kohaku0827

To: a-kid-at-heart

From: 8-bitCoffee

To: Kohaku0827

From: Class-b-dragon

To: BlissfullySarcastic

From: litecrush

BlissfullySarcastic ESS by litecrush

To: MerelyCubed

From: SparklyDest

Merely Cubed ESS Avatar by SparklyDest

To: TheIrritatingPenguin

From: 23linsky23

Oppa Emote Style- ESS by 23linsky23

To: mondscheinsonate

From: Bladethesnivy CubicInsanity

ESS - mondscheinsonate by CubicInsanity

To: CubicInsanity

From: MerelyCubed

To: Snowshi

From: mondscheinsonate

Happy Christmas, Icefire! by mondscheinsonate

To: Infinite-Carousel

From: TheIrritatingPenguin

To: 23linsky23

From: HyperCanaryFairy

Ess 2012 by HyperCanaryFairy

To: icefire8521

From: 21stUser

ESS- IceFire8521 by 21stUser

To: icefire8521

From: Kyramy

ESS - IceFire8521 by Kyramy

Thank you all so much for joining, and happy holidays! :holly:

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Infinite-Carousel Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I finally uploaded it, sorry for the lateness, here's my gift for =litecrush: [link] -
This project went excellently well! All of the entries look spectacular! :happybounce:
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
I've uploaded my gift here: [link]
Would have been sooner but, you know, Christmas :B
Synfull Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Added :)
otohime0394 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wooow, all the gifts look amazing!! :iconlovelyemoteplz:
Thank you, `Synfull and =BlissfullySarcastic, for making this such a success. ;u; You're awesome and did an awesome job.

I uploaded my gifts here [link] ( *Toxic-Fox-Girl ) and here [link] ( ~vveste ).
BlissfullySarcastic Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Added! :D

Thanks for participating. :) Without people like you, this project wouldn't work, so thank you. And thanks for taking on an extra present, too. :heart:
happy-gurl Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
uploaded mine :la: [link]
BlissfullySarcastic Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Added. :eager:
vveste Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Finally uploaded mine! [link]

Thanks again for hosting this awesome project! :hug:
BlissfullySarcastic Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Added. :) But I did an <img> link with a link to that (even with :bigthumb:, it still only wants to show the preview image). Thank you for participating. :D
vveste Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
thanks a lot, I'm already looking forward for next year!
mhh... makes me think... have you guys thought of an Emote Secret Easter Bunny?
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