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Emote Secret Santa 4.0

Secret Santa by Krissi001

Newest Update

Wrapup journal has been posted! Click here to see the presents.

What is a Secret Santa?

Traditionally, a Secret Santa is arranged among friends, coworkers, or family members during the holidays as a way to exchange gifts. Everyone puts their name and ideas of what to get them into a draw and once all the names are in, everyone randomly picks a slip of paper with someone else's name on it. On Christmas (or another time set by the organizers), everyone meets up and swaps gifts. That way, no one is excluded and you don't have to buy 20 gifts for 20 people--everyone partaking in it receives one gift per person and buys/makes one gift per person.

EmoteSecretSanta takes the same concept and puts it into place in the emote community. Everyone who wants to participate provides a list of a few things they might want to see pixelized and the organizers will randomly assign each emoticonist to make an emote from the list. The only rule is you have to have 5 emoticons in your gallery before you sign up. In the end, everyone will have made a present for someone and received a present from someone else. :heart:






Today's the day everyone's been waiting for! :happybounce:

Before I do anything else, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in EmoteSecretSanta this year. We've had 20 participants, and without you guys, this project wouldn't be here. So thank you all. :hug:

Now onto the presents! :la:
My half of the participants will be listed at the top, and Kyramy's half of the participants will be listed at the bottom so it's easier to find your gifts. Since there was one small gift, one person will receive an additional gift, keep your eyes peeled.

We have asked each of you to upload your presents to your gallery, but until then, we will use <img> codes instead of :thumb:s. Please note the group or comment on this journal once you have uploaded your present to your gallery, and we'll change it ASAP!

Everybody ready? :eager:

BlissfullySarcastic's Half

To: Kyramy

From: stuck-in-suburbia
Kyramy Christmas Gift of Giving by stuck-in-suburbia Kyramy Christmas Avvie by stuck-in-suburbia

To: spring-sky

From: Wooded-Wolf
ESS 2013: An Early Spring by Wooded-Wolf

To: CubicInsanity

From: icefire8521
Lights and Presents by icefire8521

To: JeanaWei

From: happy-gurl
ESS 2013 by happy-gurl ESS 2013 Avatar by happy-gurl

To: stuck-in-suburbia

From: JeanaWei
Emote SS - stuck-in-suburbia by JeanaWei

To: Mirz123

From: Kyramy

To: Nee-to

From: spring-sky
Nee-to Secret Santa Gift by spring-sky

To: Wooded-Wolf

From: Mirz123
Stainglass Elements - Secret Santa by Mirz123

To: icefire8521

From: CubicInsanity
ESS Gift 2013 - icefire8521 by CubicInsanity

To: happy-gurl

From: Nee-to
Christmas Roze by Nee-to

Kyramy's Half

To: BlissfullySarcastic

From: SparklyDest
Secret Santa Random Pack: BlissfullySarcastic by SparklyDest

To: Kohaku0827

From: BlissfullySarcastic
Steampunk Airship by BlissfullySarcastic

To: SparklyDest

From: iAmoret

To: iAmoret

From: Synfull

To: Synfull

From: IceXDragon
Secret Santa: The Duck, The Penguin, and The Panda by IceXDragon

To: IceXDragon

From: SleepingInTheShadows

To: SleepingInTheShadows

From: KururuRyu
Night songs - Merry Christmas Jade by KururuRyu

To: KururuRyu

From: Ridley126
Nila and Friends - Emote Secret Santa by Ridley126

To: Ridley126

From: HyperCanaryFairy

To: Ridley126

From: CubicInsanity
ESS Gift 2013 Extra - Ridley126 by CubicInsanity

To: HyperCanaryFairy

From: Kohaku0827 A Mysterious Spanish Gentleman
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JeanaWei Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Is this still going to happen this year? Because I had tons of fun last year~
SpinningWolf Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How do you make a emote?
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shewolfzoroark Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it every holiday or just Christmas?
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DawnDancer11 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
When will we receive our Secret Santa gifts?

Many thanks,
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Class-b-dragon Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012   Digital Artist
Can I join in? are we aloud to make emotes with an emote maker (then animate it?)
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